Changes in the New Year


Happy New Year! Like all years, 2015 saw lots of growth and change. I received my Master’s in English and Creative Writing, I moved, I became and atheist and a vegan, and lots more. 

2016, baby!

2016, baby!

As I plan to focus even more on my writing this year, I have decided to consolidate my blogs into one. I will still be writing about the same things, but all on one site.

If you would, please visit for all my latest musings. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know who you are as well.

Here’s to love and growth and passion in 2016!

Peace and love,

Raven Burnes



Hello, all,

I’m still on my path towards greater abstraction. I love complete abstracts, but the mixture of realistic and abstract provides a lot of options.

"Snow Leopard." Acrylic on canvas.

“Snow Leopard.” Acrylic on canvas.

I kind of backed into this painting, feeling my way as I went along. I’m pleased with the results and really like the process of more intuitive painting.

I hope your week is filled with art and love!


My Halloween “Artist Date”

Happy belated Halloween!

What a wonderful day! Coincidentally, today was the perfect day for an artist date. If you’ve ever read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, then you know what I’m talking about. An artist’s date is when you go out, by yourself, and engage in some activity that stimulates your creativity.

Today I found a branch of one of the few remaining bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and spent the morning looking around. Of course, I found myself in the art section. What surprised me, though, was how excited I was becoming. As I said last week, I intend to go in a new artistic direction, using abstract and mixed-media.

by Pichi & Avo, Spanish artists

by Pichi & Avo, Spanish artists

While browsing, I found a wonderful book, called Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual,  which really put me in a creative mood. (Yes, I realize that buying a book on graffiti is a tad nerdy, even for me. However, I do not plan on becoming a graffiti artist – just making cool stuff like one!).

by a Toronto graffiti artist

I also saw another book that had me bursting at the seams: Alternative Art Surfaces. This book has several instructions on how to use various media and surfaces for mixed media techniques. It wasn’t so much the projects themselves that inspired me (Though they looked awesome, I’m not sure if I will actually try all of them). But, the book got my own wheels turning – which is the whole point of an artist’s date.

by Noe Two, a Parisian artist

by Noe Two, a Parisian artist

A third source of information was Acrylic Artist, a magazine I had never heard of before. I bought it on the spot and can’t wait to dive in!

So, if you’re an artist who has yet to implement artist’s dates – or if you’re like me and you haven’t done one in a while – dive back in! It really makes a difference.

Here’s to a happy, productive, and creative week!


Seeing Abstractly

This week I had the pleasure of finishing a couple of paintings and working on another one. The painting of my niece is still in process.

In Progress

In Progress

But, as I said last time, I am looking to broaden my technique and start painting more abstractly.

I have always wanted to explore abstract painting, but I wanted to learn how to paint realistically first. Painting realistically involved learning how to really see. It is so common in life to look at things but not really see them. When you’re trying to reproduce something from life, or a picture, onto canvas, however, you must learn to visually process as much information as humanly possible. Now, I’m finding that painting abstractly involves a different kind of seeing.

"Infatuation" 18" x 24" Mixed Media on canvas

“Infatuation” 18″ x 24″ Mixed Media on canvas

To paint abstractly, I’ve had to try to interpret and translate emotions and states of being – as well as physical reality – into abstract images. To do this, I’ve had to go beyond seeing with my eyes.  I’ve had to learn how to “see” with my feelings. I’ve had to go within and discover how to translate those emotions into images. The result has been interesting and fun.

“Manifestation” 20″ x 15″. Mixed media on paper.

I need a lot more practice, but I feel like I’m well on my way to new forms of expression!

Have a great week,


New Artistic Directions

I am so excited to be painting again. My latest work is of my lovable niece, London. She is an angel, so I’m painting her as an angel in the sky. I have a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress so far:

"London." In progress. 18" X 24", oil.

“London.” In progress. 18″ X 24″, oil.

I also bought a new art book: Realistic Abstracts by Kees van Aalst. I am eager to branch out and begin working more abstractly. I love the freedom that I feel when I paint, but I’ve always stayed within certain boundaries. I look forward to pushing past those and trying a new style.

Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend,


Glad to be Done!

Last week I graduated from my Master’s degree program in English and Creative Writing/Screenwriting. It was a wonderful experience. Now I am so happy to have the experience behind me so that I can just concentrate on my writing and my art.

This weekend I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and got to explore one of my favorite art mediums – photography.

I also bought some paint supplies and will be starting my next piece soon.

Have a beautiful week


Reflections on Divine Guidance

During my study time this morning the following two quotes really spoke to me. I’m reading Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind:

“If we think we can guide our brother aright, while our own feet still walk in darkness, we are mistaken. We must first clarify our own vision, then we shall become as lights, lighting the way for others. But can we teach a lesson we have not learned? Can we give that which we do not possess? To suppose so is hypocrisy, a thing to be shunned” (p. 435)

“The Voice of Truth speaks to me and through me. / The Voice of Truth guides me and keeps me on the Path of the Perfect Day. / I will listen to the Inner Voice and It will tell me what to do in the hour of need. / I shall be told everything that I ought to know when the time of /need arrives, and I shall not be misled. / The Voice of Truth cannot lie, but always speaks to me from On High. / Nothing enters but This Voice, for it is the Voice of God.” (p. 541).

The first quote speaks to me on a gut level. Many times, when I become frustrated with someone, it is because I want them to change in some way. Or, I will genuinely want to help someone who seems to be struggling with Error. In either case, the Goddess invites me to first look at my own struggles, weaknesses, and shadow selves. Sometimes what bothers me about another is that which I myself struggle with. Or it is an invitation for me to deliver to the world that which I am hoping to receive from another. For example, if my major complaint is that I don’t feel appreciated, my first task is to look at where I am lacking in appreciation for others. What or who am I taking for granted? What blessings am I experiencing that I haven’t been focusing on? Starting with myself allows me to see Truth more clearly and be a true support for those around me.

The second quote reminds me that I should never worry about receiving proper guidance. Often I want to control life and plan my every step. In my head I create various scenarios and envision how I will respond to each one. Prolonging these types of thoughts is wasted energy.  I will be divinely guided in the moment. My connection with Goddess energy is enough to support my every decision. Spirit never leaves anyone hanging. All we have to do is check in with Source and the answers are there!

As far as my art goes, it has taken a backseat to my writing lately as I finish up my Master’s degree (four more months to go!). I have been focusing more on photography in the meantime. The same principles apply to a good painting as a good photograph! The following photos were taken at a local park in Los Angeles.